I tradizionali design projects for event and company, they study everytime special solutions for occurrence: custom collection of tattooss, packaging, products and space set; thanks to a constant work of research in different fields such as illustration, graphic, paper and material selection.

I Tradizionali… not only tattoo recipes.



Mediterranean shrimps

Custom tattoo recipe for Samsung Smart Oven

Tutti a tavola!

Custom tattoo and workshop for #IKEAtemporary


Tavola Italiana

Set design and custom tattoo tutorial

Espresso rituals

Custom tattoo collection for Gaggia

I Tradizionali Gaggia

Milanese Caipirinha

Custom tattoo recipe for Zomato’s event @Principe di Savoia

I Tradizionali Zomato

Almond’s pesto sauce 

Custom tattoo recipe for Feel-it 

I Tradizionali Feel-it

Food Factory 

Custom tattoo for Opendot opening

I Tradizionali Opendot


Tattoo recipes from the space 

I Tradizionali Planetario